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Although there are still some who worry about the legal aspects of playing online poker, players should no longer be concerned about the safety, the security of their money, and their identity when playing online. The proliferation of online poker use has resulted a growing number of extremely popular and reputable online poker sites. Rather than focus on safety concerns, online poker players should choose a site based on action, sign-up bonuses, and desired opponent skill-level.

Choosing an established and trusted poker site is the most important step in ensuring a safe and worry-free online poker experience. Potential players should consider site encryption, shuffling-integrity, anti-collusion measures, and deposit information when selecting a site. With these in mind, it has never been easier to play online poker because there are a number of very well established, professional, trusted, and exceedingly popular online poker sites to choose from.

Every online poker player should approach the potential online poker site with a few basic concerns. They should first decide what sort of online poker games they prefer to play. Some players prefer to play at sites with heavy traffic whereas others prefer sites with relatively few opponents. Once they have decided they should make sure the poker site satisfies a few basic requirements before transferring any money.

Firstly, they should ensure that all communication with the site is protected by 128-bit encryption. Most sites will either mention this on their homepage, their signup or their information page. This is a primary concern for playing online poker because without 128-bit encryption hackers have the ability to steal credit-card information, addresses, telephone numbers, and any other personal information you give to the online poker site. Nearly every site utilizes 128-bit encryption and there is no reason to play online poker at a site if it is not offered.

Once this has been established it is important to find out whether the credit-card information is held on a separate secured-server from the game client. A reputable site should make mention of their security systems and should have a comprehensive privacy policy to ensure that your information is not sold or used in any other way. If you are uncertain about this site use another form of payment other then your Credit Card. Please visit our Funding Options page to find out other ways to fund your online poker account.

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Once the basic security concerns have been relieved there are a few extra security precautions for online poker players. The first is government regulation. A number of sites are regulated by foreign governments such as Kahnawake (a native reservation in Canada), however, regulation is not entirely required. Regulation may provide some peace of mind when playing online poker, but other sites without regulation can be equally trustworthy. Certain jurisdictions that provide regulation offer little more than a professional looking logo in terms of actual security so do not rely solely on some form of government regulation to decide on a site.

Another possible online security issue is the shuffling algorithm that the online poker sites to deal the cards. Pretty much all sites can be trusted to have a reputable algorithm so long as they display signs of integrity. Furthermore, some online poker sites have their algorithm reviewed by 3rd party auditors. This ensures that the shuffling is as fair and random as possible, and therefore, creating the most real-life poker game possible.

Poker Sites should also be forthcoming about their ability to override collusion. They should keep a backup of all played online poker games and each player should be able to review his/her own hands at any time. This ensures that if there is a dispute over a specific game management can review it for errors and make corrections as needed. There is ample technology available to thwart colluders online so any online poker room should have it in place. Not only should the software have built-in detectors to ensure that players are not winning under questionable circumstances, but there should be a staff member manually checking out player complaints. Also, one should always play at a site that has enough dealers and support staff to ensure that any problems can be taken care of immediately. Even a highly reputable site is bound to have problems and there is nothing worse than having to wait around for help when you’d prefer to be playing online poker.

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Although the online poker phenomenon is fairly recent there are a number of online poker rooms that have over five years of experience. Any online poker room with a long-standing history should be safe, though if you have any doubts of its legitimacy you’re probably better off trying another room. There are so many online poker rooms that are obviously reputable that there is no reason to play elsewhere. If, however, a bonus seems too good to be true you do a search for that site, and furthermore, if there is excessive negative feedback on the site you should avoid it. Please keep in mind that all sites may have some negative feedback so just make sure all the above mentioned Online Poker Security measures have bee met. Good Luck!

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