Online Poker Funding Options

Learn the many different ways poker players are funding their online poker accounts. Online Poker Card Rooms try's to keep the funding information as up-to-date and correct as possible, however, if you would like to find more information you can click on the payment name to take you to their website.

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Payment Providers:

Neteller is a secure online money transfer system, similar to an online wallet, which enables you to deposit funds to your poker account, transfer money to and from online merchants as well as other Neteller members, and withdraw funds from your account. A Neteller account is free to open and reliable to use. It is an extremely flexible and highly recommended payment option for all online poker accounts.

Neteller provides many convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money to your online poker account including credit card, online cheque (EFT), InstaCASH, Bank Wire, and ATM card. The minimum and maximum depositing amounts are $10 and $2500 per transaction. There are, however, no limits as to the number of transactions which you may carry out per day. As long as you have sufficient funds available the money will be instantly credited to your poker account.

Transferring money through Neteller is secure and convenient (please our online poker security page). The process of transferring funds to an online merchant is made simple as you are only required to enter your Neteller Account ID, your Secure ID, and the amount that you wish to transfer from your NETELLER Account, and the funds transfer occurs instantly. As soon as funds have been deposited into your Neteller Account, you are then able to send money to online merchants and other Neteller Account holders. Transferring money with Neteller is free as there is no charge assigned in transferring money to merchants or peers. North American based customers may transfer money within minutes by using the Instacash feature of their Neteller account.

Neteller offers a variety of withdrawal options. Through Neteller, you are able to withdrawal funds from your Neteller account to your bank account and your personal Neteller ATM Card, as well as by cheque. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 and you may cash out all of your available funds with NETeller. It will take one business day to process your request. Once processed the funds will arrive back in your Neteller account one to two business days thereafter. Customers may apply for a free Neteller debit card and access the funds in their Neteller account directly from ATM machines with the Maestro or Cirrus symbol.

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A FirePay Personal Account is similar to a debit card in that you deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account, and then use your account to purchase goods and services online. There is no charge to sign up, pay with, or send funds, from your FirePay Personal Account to your poker account. Merchants are charged a minimal service fee each time a FirePay Personal Account member pays with FirePay at their site. FirePay charges $2 for every deposit into the account and all withdrawals incur a flat rate fee of $5. The FirePay account may only be funded with an electronic check, which will take a couple of business days to clear. The minimum deposit you can make with FirePay is $10 while the maximum daily and weekly limits are $1000 and $2500 respectively. As long as you have sufficient funds available the money will be instantly credited to your online poker account. The minimum cash out is $5 and the maximum cash out is set at $10 000 per day. Your request will be processed within one business day. Once processed the funds will arrive back in your FirePay account up to 3 business days thereafter. Your personal information is never transmitted or stored in a manner where it could be compromised. In addition, it is never provided to the business you are paying.

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InstaCash is a payment option offered by Neteller. It is a safe, fast, secure and reliable way to fund your online poker account. An InstaCash Account is free to set up and it allows North American customers to instantly transfer funds directly from their bank to their card room account. As long as you deposit straight into your card room account the transaction is free. If you decide to fund your Neteller account via Instacash you will be charged an 8.9% fee. The minimum weekly deposit is $10 and the maximum weekly deposit ranges from $750 to $3000 depending on what level of Instacash you have. If you want to cash out with Instacash, your Neteller account can by easily credited. There is no limit to the amount cashed back. Your request will be processed within one business day. Once processed the funds will arrive back in your Neteller account within 1-2 business days.

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Prepaid ATM
A PrePaid ATM account is a virtual ATM card which functions in the same manner as an ewallet. PrePaid ATM customers are eligible to ask for a real ATM card with which they may easily withdraw funds from ATM machines (as well as your online poker acount). A PrePaid ATM account is free to open and reliable to use. There are numerous ways to fund and cash out from the account. These include a card to card transfer (3% fee), electronic check which take a couple of business days to clear (free), Visa MasterCard (5% fee) and bank wire ($10). The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum daily and weekly limits are $1000 and $2500 respectively. The minimum is $5 and the maximum cash out is set at $5000 per day. Your request will be processed within one business day. Once processed the funds will arrive back in your PrePaid ATM account up to 3 business days thereafter.

PayPal is a global leader in online payments. It can be used to send and receive payments through the Internet. Once you sign up for a PayPal account, you are then able to send and receive money online. When you send money, you can choose to fund your payments from your PayPal account balance, a credit card, or your bank account. Recipients are then notified via an email from PayPal that they have received a payment from you. Payments are made immediately, quicker than sending checks or money orders. It's free to send money, and PayPal is affordable for businesses of all sizes. PayPal is accepted worldwide, and can be used to make payments locally or internationally. It is secure in that your financial information is not revealed to sellers and industry-leading fraud prevention keeps you safe and secure

Click2Pay is a relatively new secure online payment system which utilizes the web-wallet model. Users can either pre-fund their accounts using a credit-card, debit-card, or ACH, or they may choose to have their purchases instantly funded. Using the instant fund method, a player makes a deposit to any Click2Pay supported site and the funds are automatically withdrawn from the credit card. This speeds up the process of deposits significantly, and it ensures that play is not interrupted because you don’t need to worry about your “wallet” balance. Click2Pay doesn’t charge the user for its services which makes it’s a great option for depositing small amounts of money for your online poker account.

That being said, there have been some complaints about Click2Pay’s customer service. We have heard some complaints of overcharging, credit-card withdrawal errors, and slow service to rectify the errors. This is not to say the error were intentional, but just a word of caution. If a site has an alternate funding method (such as Neteller) it may be wise to go with it instead.

Citadel Commerce
Citadel is a comprehensive online payment processing solution. They provide their customers with credit-card, debit-card, and personal check processing. Citadel has build up a solid reputation online and is used by a number of the larger online gambling sites, most notably

Citadel is most widely known for their electronic internet checks which allows users without credit-cards to gamble online. Even users with active credit card account often choose to use Citadel internet checks because their fees are usually lower than using credit-card processing online. To use the Citadel Commerce electronic check option the user enters the requested bank account information. Citadel Commerce encrypts the data, and transmits it to their secure server for posting.

The Bank Routing Code (RTN) numbers are automatically checked for accuracy by the Citadel Commerce database. If the numbers are incorrect, the customer is presented with the input form again to correct account information. The merchant is then notified of the transaction, and the customer receives approval of their purchase, which they can print for a receipt. If the account has insufficient funds, the merchant is automatically notified, and the RCK electronic check recovery system begins the collection process, at no additional cost. Transactions are typically settled within 72 hours, if processed before 3:00 PM CST, and most merchants have money in the bank before any products are shipped.

iGM-Pay is a safe and secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) process which allows you to make instant transfers of funds to your online poker account from your checking account (US accounts only). It's as simple as writing a check to use and best of all it is fast and totally free. This works similar to your paper checks, the only difference is that it is done electronically. As soon as you send an eCheck by iGM-Pay, the money is deposited into your Poker account (provided you have registered your bank account with the site). The minimum iGM-Pay deposit is 50 USD and the maximum per transaction amount is 500 USD.

This method does require a little bit of time to set up because you need to verify you bank information with iGM-Pay before being able to use the account, however, once it is set up it is a great, cheap, and efficient way to pay. One of the best things about iGM-Pay is the speed which at which the transactions are approved. Whenever I’ve used this service, I am immediately cleared and can deposit money instantly without any wait. Same goes for withdrawals, usually much faster than the competition.

Use My Bank is a service currently provided to players who retain a bank account at one of many registered Canadian banks. Typically, an online poker player who wishes to transfer funding directly from their bank account must use a facilitating service such as, which acts as a middleman between the online poker site and the player. The player will contact the bank themselves and request that the bank transfer the funds to who in turn will send the money to the poker site.

Usemybank simplifies this process by having relationships with the banks. Players merely enter in their bank account information (as well as some required verification information) and usemybank automatically completes the transaction. There is no fee for the player, and no limit to deposits. Its as though you are sending a bank transfer yourself without having to contact the bank. This is a promising service, however, it is currently available only for Canadian banking institutions. Usemybank is currently in the process of adding international and American banks to the service.

Moneybookers is a UK-regulated online money transferring agent, the first regulated eMoney transferring agent in Europe. The service appears to be highly security oriented, and requires some personal information, however, if accountability and reliability are important then is an excellent choice.
Moneybookers is essentially a facilitator between the bank/player and the poker site. The player must request that the bank transfer their funds to, and then will then transfer the funds to the poker site. It usually takes the bank between 1 and 3 days to transfer the money, but once moneybookers has received your cash they transfer the funding instantly to the poker site at a moments notice. For the poker player, it is wise to retain a balance at because of the waiting time needed to fund the account.

Players may also use a credit card to fund their moneybookers account. They require a scan of both sides of the credit card, a scan of a recent bill, and a scan of a valid government-issued identification card (drivers license, passport, etc. etc.). This is only required the first time you use the credit card option and subsequent deposits will be done instantly. Otherwise, if you live in a few selected European countries (United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and The Netherlands) you can skip those steps and have the card-issuing bank authorize your account automatically.

While this option appears to be somewhat more involved to setup, it is worthwhile to ensure you are using a secure and accountable agent.

Pre-Paid ATM
PrePaidATM is an online money transfer service that functions like an ATM card, debit card, and money transfer card all in one. Simply deposit money into your PrePaidATM using a credit card, Paypal, electronic check, bank wire, Quick Collect, or card-to-card transfer, and begin making online purchases of any kind. Please note, however, that PrePaidATM is currently available to U.S. residents only. To open an account, proceed to and deposit your money.

PrePaidATM features:
• Make online purchases without revealing personal information
• Send money anywhere in the world in seconds
• Withdraw cash from ATM machines worldwide
• Receive payment for goods or services that you provide
• Fund your account in the method of your choice
• The only ATM card not tied to a bank account
• The most inexpensive way to send money

Other Methods
There are other ways to fund you online poker account, however, the above mentioned methods are the most popular and most trusted. In today's cyber world online security is the one of the most concerns online poker players have. Please visit our online poker security page for more information...


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