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The first lesson in online poker strategy is to understand that the game of poker is a battle. Therefore, just like a General in an army needs a strategy to win the battle, a poker player needs a poker strategy to win the poker battle! The quicker you learn that poker is a game of skill and not of luck the faster you will become a better poker player. But please don't misunderstand me, it never hurts to have luck on your side! Besides having a strategy it is good to have a rakeback deal in place. No matter if you win or lose you will receive every month part of your paid rake back to your poker account. Furthermore, please note that an online poker strategy can be different from a real-life poker strategy, however, the fundamentals are all the same. If you ever decide to play in the world series of poker its important you learn tournament strategy as well. 888poker is a great place to practice your poker strategy and skills.

The first strategy lesson is to spot the response time. The first Response speed can be a major tell when playing against inexperienced or low-limit players. Advanced or higher-limit players will seldom give off many of these tells unless they are intentionally trying to throw you off, however, it is still worthwhile to incorporate the following tells into your overall strategy:

Long pause, follow by a raise:
This is one of the more common tells in online poker. Most of the time this action occurs when there is a possibility of a big hand on the table, perhaps a flush or a straight. When a player pauses and then raises it usually indicates that they worry they've been beaten, but are hesitantly raising to counter a possible bluff. But be careful, they could be using the poker strategy of "slow playing". More specifically they want you to think they have a bad hand so you will bet first, then they will re-raise you to make the pot even bigger.

Instant or automatic raise:
When it is clear that a player has checked the "bet/raise any" button you should definitely approach with caution. Usually this action signifies a strong hand because the player is very confident, and wants to exploit it to the best he can. Occasionally this could be used as a bluffing technique but more often than not, it indicates a strong hand. Take caution! Again, the lesson to be learned here is if you have a decent hand as does your opponents, you can use this strategy to bluff your way into having a strong poker hand.

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Instant / automatic checking:
This action is usually indicative of a weak hand because most players will not go to the trouble of clicking on auto-check if they are planning on coming back to check-raise you. If you're in a smaller field and its auto checked to you, if you lead out with a quick bet you may have an easy opportunity to take down the pot right there.

Fast calls to your bet:
Another poker strategy that is often used in the online poker world is when someone is chasing you or has a weak to moderate hand they'll call immediately to try to prevent you from betting the next round, as they're trying to indicate they're going to call you down to the river. Their strategy is to coerce you from betting all the way to the river because they'd like to see it for cheap. If they had a stronger hand they'd be raising you or check-raising you instead. In this situation you should continue to bet if you've got a strong hand. This is also a good opportunity for a player with a weaker hand to bluff.

In high-limit games or against experienced opponents calling down fast is actually quite a common strategy. Also, some players tend to act fast whatever hand they are playing or bluff they are attempting. Use your best judgment when figuring which player is calling because he's weak or trying to draw on you.

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Avoiding Showing "Tells" Yourself:
One of the best ways to avoid giving off tells yourself is to use an equal amount of time before making any action. If you use a consistent amount of time before any action you're limiting the ability of your opponents to read your hand and develop a model of your playing style. Try counting to 7 every time you make a decision, regardless of what your decision is. One exception is if you're planning on folding when it is acceptable to use auto-fold. If you would like to read more on Poker Tells please read our recommended book Click Here .

Small bets in a no-limit poker game:
Many people are unfamiliar with no-limit games because in land-based casinos they are usually reserved for high rollers and high-stakes players. During no-limit online games it becomes apparent that your opponent has a weak hand when they bet without adjusting the slider bar. More often than not this person has a weak hand or a low pair. This tactic is used when a player bets because he wants others to think he has a good hand so he can scoop the pot with a small bet but is not confident enough in his own hand to make a big bet. If it comes down to a duel this is a great time to check-raise and steal the pot (its even worth a bluff).

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Massive all-in bets compared with actual pot value:
In pretty much every scenario it is best to fold in a situation where an opponent is making huge all-in bets. This style of play is usually reserved for very weak players. A weak-tight player will make this sort of bet as soon as they have a AA or KK without taking the actual size of the pot into consideration. A weak-loose player will make this kind of bet as soon as they have any pocket pair. Some experienced players might occasionally make this move but only if they have a really strong hand and are playing extremely fierce action. In any case, it is best to fold if someone uses this poker strategy against you. If a player is constantly going all-in you can be patient and wait until you have a strong hand and call him if you think you're in a good position to go heads-up.

Don't be tricky in low-limit games:
It is almost entirely ineffective to attempt any creative move in an online poker low-limit table game. Against opponents who are willing to call you down, bluffing and other creative poker strategies will likely provide few benefits. In these low-limit games you will often see a showdown with low pairs, or even an ace high meaning if you don't have at least a moderately strong hand you can risk being beat out. Players at low-limit tables very seldom flop, often it is more worthwhile to stay in the game so always take that into consideration if you are thinking about bluffing a very weak hand. The best defense against tricky players in low limit games is to check-call questionable hands.

Now that you have become familiar with certain types of poker strategies check out our "poker tips" page where you can learn some valuable poker tips from experienced online poker players!!

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